【Excavating undiscovered treasures from around the world.】

The meaning of "turnover" includes "engaging in business," "pondering various aspects," "overturning," and "reversal."

Our mission is to provide services that we find interesting and believe our customers will find interesting as well.

Through our business, we aim to introduce products not yet recognized in Japan, shedding light on their value.

In the future, we aspire to engage in initiatives that introduce quality products from developing countries to Japan, improving the lives of producers.

We will realize various forms of "turnover" for diverse individuals.

  1. We work with the aim of bringing about changes in the lifestyles of consumers.

  2. We disrupt existing systems and communicate "exciting" and "innovative" products.

  3. Through offering new value in products and services, we aim to create the "norm" for everyone in the next 10 years.


Special Thanks

We have partnered with Mr. Hideaki Otake, who is active as an official partner of the three major platforms in Japan, Makueke, CAMPFIRE, and GREENFUNDING, as a consultant.

About Mr. Hideaki Otake









 1. 生活者のライフスタイルに変化を起こすことを目的に仕事をします。

 2. 既存の仕組みを壊し「ワクワクする」「革新的な」プロダクトを発信します。

 3. 新しい価値を提供する商品・サービスを通じて皆様の10年後の「当たり前」を創造します。